As a Shamanic practitioner I love to be aware of the various spinning Wheels of Life Cycles both personally and collectively.  

Understanding life cycles have helped me to acknowledge and therefore accept where I am at, what I am feeling, thinking and being and how best to go with the flow rather than resist what is going to happen anyway.  


Welcome to Surviving Winter at Nadja’s Family Acupuncture🙏🏻


My name is Claire Jayne Sawyer and I have a gift for you...





The spinning wheels of life are tools for you to understand the main cycles that are influencing and co-creating your experience on a day to day basis.


There is one cycle and it continues on and on - birth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death, rebirth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death, rebirth, on and on.


The speed at which the cycle progresses is the only difference.  Often the influences are opposite, sometimes similar, and always changing.


Being aware of the combination of these cyclical influences will help you understand why you feel the way you do on any particular given day.  


Understanding this helps makes sense of whats going on, and also helps you to see how you can plan around the cycles to best go with the flow.




Firstly, we have the Earths season which describes/determines/defines how you physically experience your life on a daily basis.  The energy of the season will influence how you live.


Winter:  Cold, needing and seeking warmth, indoor activities, inward focus.  Seeds lay dormant beneath earths surface.  At the end of winter the seeds germinate with the vital life force of plant breaking through seed casing.




Secondly, the energy of each phase of the moon is the governing principle of the energy of your inner world, your emotional state.  The phases of the moon can be worked with as it effects whatever is happening in your life, taking it through the cycle of birth/inception, growth/development, full potential harvest, breaking down/dissolving, letting go/death, stillness/vision of newness, rebirth.


The Moon phases representative of Winter are


Balsamic Moon:  personal retreat, inward reflection and contemplation, letting go.  


Dark moon:  Stillness, dormancy, potential.




Thirdly, your life season determines your character, your life stage, and determines the theme of your life and your focus.  


Each life season is heralded by a rite of passage and is conducted either unconsciously or intentionally which creates the mindset and beliefs that are lived out during that phase.


Winter is representative of the Crone Archetype


Crone:  The period of life from retirement and withdrawal from the busy outside world to death (rite of passage).  The wintertime of a woman’s life, 70-death.  


Characteristics: Old age, wisdom, keeper and speaker of truth, contemplation, inward focus, community holding, responsibly carefree


And Lastly, this one is great for men to be aware of as well, a Womens personal daily experience of her energy level and energy type as reflected in her Menstrual cycles physical, emotional, and spiritual state:


Week Four - day 22-28, resembles mid autumn to mid winter.  

Usually women are more inwardly focused and tired, requiring more sleep during their bleed time which provides prophetic and healing dreams.  


In Conclusion, Winters advice is about retreating from your busy life, even for a few conscious moments during these times of each cycle enables the rejuvenation potential inherent in this part of the cycle but particularly Winter.


  • Depending how one navigates the transformative energy available during each cycle depends what happens the next cycle.
  • Pay attention to what your body needs, what your body is telling you through your symptoms.
  • If you are struggling with “winter blues” it could be incredibly helpful to get an overall understanding and awareness of the various life cycles you are experiencing so as not to make yourself wrong for your feelings but to bring a sense of wholeness for the completeness of these cycles. 


I would love to hold a very safe and restorative space for your physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies to align to the natural rhythms of your Life seasons, Earth seasons, Moon Phases and Menses cycles.


Embrace the solemnity of this time...there is always so much insight  when one consciously chooses to slow down, be still and rest.  


Winter has become one of my most favourite times of rejuvenation potential.


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