As a Shamanic Practitioner Claire acts as an intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using deep meditative techniques that nurture and support healing, anchoring in your Highest Self and orchestrate Spiritual Enlightenment from the ground up.

Feel a deep connection to the Divine in ALL ways. Seek to use the information and guidance from non-ordinary reality to intentionally form your own Life Experiences.



People consult with modern day Shamanic Practitioners for practical and pragmatic solutions to problems in everyday life - from personal illness, professional challenges or family discord to ancestral issues.

Come and travel to the realms of the invisible world with me making real changes in our ordinary realms to impact healing for you and our communities.

Fall in love with your own Divinity and Grace will bring you everything you need... Love, Truth, Union, Freedom to be ALL of YOU!

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Claire has a rare and genuine ability to really see a persons true nature. She is able to quickly get to the core of an issue facilitating rapid transformation. She works from a place of deep understanding of the many layers of the human psyche and energy field and knows what is needed to bring forth change and lasting healing. Each time I have worked with Claire the results have been immediate and profound, both internally and externally. You know when you go to see her that something is going to happen!”

Heidi Merika - Eumundi, QLD


“A Calm, powerful grounded strength is what this gifted woman presented. 

Claire has created an amazing experience called Soul Companioning which combines a range of modalities from medicine drumming to massage and release therapy, any of which  can be utilised during the session dependant on what that particular client requires. I arrived feeling stressed and overwhelmed by particular challenges in my life - I left feeling like I was riding on Cloud 9 - ready to fill my cup.

Claire has an ability to create a supportive space where anything and everything is ok to be expressed, and she had some very wise words of wisdom for me to take away.”


Aaron Walker -  Marcoola, QLD


“An intriguing and deeply nourishing combo of modalities intertwined. All the senses are sealed with love. The sweetest smells, nurturing touch, moving sounds, powerful sights. The space you offer is genuine, feminine and gentle with the power of an emu and wisdom of an owl. Filled with deep connection to all that is, you hold truth, understanding and respect with grace and strength. I appreciate the gentleness and ease of flow you receive all of me with. Allowing me the space and time to acknowledge my self wholey and with loving compassion of where I am right now. Today, I feel a deep sense of gratitude, inner peace and respect for myself and my journey as it is. I hold a deeper understanding of me because you held me somewhere I couldn't go alone. You acknowledged my deeper self and allowed my deepest intellengence to persevere and find peace in the truth. Now I can rest and breath. What a wonderful experience to share with you. You weave together a deeply nourishing existence in one session. The experience you offer is unique and I will come again. Respect and thank you from my deeper self to yours.”


Liv Grey - Doonan, QLD


“It has been a long time since I have had this sense of "being at home" within myself, handing over the roles I no longer need to perform in the way I have been, embodying myself in order to be a living example for my children to do the same for themselves, not needing to do it for anyone else excepy myself.

You awakened this in me today, cleared out the unnecessary stuff, and anchored in the things I need as I journey forward.  I look forward to my next session with you as I declutter myself and step into the fullness of ME.  I had no idea what to expect, yet I felt instantly comfortable and safe.  The process was explained clearly, yet also allowed for flow and flexibility.  I felt myself settling into a healing space well before I lay down on the table.  It’s like it was all set up just for me, everything I needed was there for the process to be perfect.  All I had to do was show up.

You, Claire, created a space and guidance that allowed me to journey deeply into me without feeling self conscious or expected to do anything except just BE.

My intention became clear at the commencement of the healing, and was beautifully anchored in by the completion of the session.  I felt many emotions during the process, and now feel deeply grateful for the session.  I have clarity, a sense of grounding and knowing, and a re-awakening of my “little girl” curiosity.

Thank you for holding me in a safe and sacred space, Claire.

You are both soft and strong, clear and kind, loving and powerful.

Love you!”


Sellina Baker - Doonan, QLD


“What a powerful intuitive woman! The process I went through with Claire was beautifully nurturing and insightful.  She has helped bring clarity into my life in a way that I can now breathe more easily. I am deeply grateful to Claire for her clear-sight and guidance.  With love”


Celeste Dowden - Peregian Springs, QLD