Winter is here. The nights are longer and colder, our shoulders more tense, as we pull them up to not feel the cold air, and we generally go inwards more. 

It’s the best time for hot pumpkin and sweet potato soups with ginger and turmeric to nourish the spleen, hot water bottles and UGG boots to keep our toes warm and snug.


Some feel the cold more than others and some get sick more easily. 


Have you ever wondered why?

And how you can support your immune system more, besides having nutritious food, hot herbal teas, the right supplements and plenty of rest and sleep? (These are definitely foundational for a rock solid immune system!) 



First of all, there are different constitutional types, which vary from strong constitution/less receptive to weak constitution/very receptive. This doesn’t just take your health and pathogens into account, but also your emotional state and how much you perceive (and feel) of others. 


So the weaker your constitution, the more open your ‘receptors’ for other people’s energies, emotions, toxins and ‘stuff’.

This doesn’t mean that people with a relatively strong constitution can’t empathise or feel what others are going through - some are very highly intuitive and receptive, others are not at all. There are more factors that come into play with this (which is a topic for another blog post at some stage). 

What it does mean, is that people with a relatively strong constitution might find it easier to discern between whether what they are noticing/feeling has got anything to do with themselves or if it’s simply not their ‘stuff’ (and therefore ward it off). 


When people are highly empathetic, but don’t know how to hold their own space, they often perceive everything they are feeling as their own.

So for example, if they feel someone else’s anxiety next to them, they will feel it for the other person, as if it was their own emotion. This can cause a feeling of having done something wrong or feeling guilty, with no real explanation. 


This openness to whatever else is around them opens them up to not only emotions and energies that are floating around them, but also toxins, dense emotions, stress and pathogens, making them way more susceptible for sickness and exhaustion. 

(No wonders! Imagine you are carrying around a bucket full of stuff needing to be processed for others and the world, that’s not even your own!!)



So what can be done to strengthen your own constitution?


Your constitution is something you’ve received at birth, so it’s fairly fixed. However, we can always work on positively influencing it, creating a healthy, clear and empowered space for ourselves. 

Again, nutrition, adequate rest and sleep as well as self care will go a long way. Reflexology will improve healthy detoxification of all organs and body parts, enabling the body to rid itself of toxins, pathogens and waste much quicker and easier than it usually would for most people. 


However, becoming aware of your own space will change everything forever. Realising that you don’t need to feel the World through everyone else is the first step. 

By getting out of your head and actually owning your own body and being 100% present in it, you effectively don’t give anything but your own thoughts and emotions the right to rule your life. Even more so, this is the place from which you can begin to own your own experiences and create the life you want to live!


If you’d like to find out more how to empower yourself as an empath, then read more here 

and learn about the “7 Steps to truly hold your Space in Life as an Empath”. 



...And what else affects our immune system and the way pathogens around us can either sweep us off our feet or not bother us all too much? 


Now that we’ve covered everything from food, supplements, sleep and rest to our constitutions and the way we perceive things, it brings me to the last but certainly not least point:


Our thoughts and emotions that we hold towards ourselves. 

See, our immune system is pretty much the physical representation of our protection mechanism. 

If you imagine a fortress that’s warding off an attack during medieval war times; they would have all helped together within the fortress to aim for success, right?

However, what’s happening all too often is, that we attack ourselves within. 

Maybe you’ve had a rough morning and you’re driving to work, still thinking about it. Maybe you’re feeling down on yourself for the way you reacted or responded to the situation. So instead of being at peace with yourself and being present in the moment, you attack yourself with yucky thoughts like ‘oh you suck, you should have really known better’ or ‘that was so not good enough!!’

... all resulting in emotions such as self doubt, guilt and shame. 


And what do these low vibrating emotions do to you? 


They deplete you. 

So going back to our example of the medieval fortress; Instead of fighting off the attack with all your focus and attention on the attacker, you have another attack happening - within your own fortress walls!! - taking away all your attention.


What do you think happens as a result from this?

Yes, the attacker wins over in no time!


What does this example have to do with our immune system? 

When you’re attacking yourself with harsh thoughts or self beliefs, you’re effectively depleting your immune system.

Self doubt depletes your immune system. 



So how can we clear this self doubt and inner war time, and create a confident, harmonious environment for our body to thrive and ward off anything negative - no matter if pathogens for the common cold, negative thoughts or emotions?


With my modality The Footprint Connection Reflexology we can clear physical, emotional, mental and energetic blockages, so you can fully be present in your body, love yourself and feel strong and confident within. 

It involves not only highly specialised Reflexology techniques, which are great for your overall health and wellbeing; but also feet reading for crystal clarity, and clearing any (conscious or subconscious) blockages that are represented in the physical, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual body. 

Moreover, it includes coaching and mentoring, to take you to the next level of success for your wellbeing, abundance and fulfilment. So also you can thrive, live your dreams and make a positive impact in the World.


I also offer Clearing/coaching/mentoring sessions online, so you can clear your path to purpose and success with fast, effective, highly intuitive and loving support - fusing Spirit with Strategy! 



Are you experiencing blockages that are holding you back and that are depleting your immune system/ love towards yourself? 

Then come and see me for a session (in person or online) and let’s clear what’s holding you back, so also you can thrive with a strong and healthy immune system, clarity and confidence! 


xxx Sand



Founder of The Footprint Connection Reflexology™️ and

Monetise Your Inner Calling Coach & Mentor