Rebecca Archibald, Remedial Massage Therapist

Rebecca Archibald,

Joining the team all the way from wintry Victoria is Remedial Massage Therapist, Rebecca Archibald.  Having made the move up north for love and a change of lifestyle for herself and her two daughters, Rebecca brings the gifts of her talented hands to the Sunshine Coast Region in her work as an exemplary Remedial Massage Therapist.

For almost ten years, Rebecca has been treating clients from varied backgrounds, suffering from both acute and chronic conditions. Rebecca was Owner and operator of her successful business in her home town of Inverloch, whilst also offering her services in retreat-style settings where she specialised in treating horse riders. Rebecca also has many hours of treatment and skills with various conditions to due her years of treating at her local health and healing centre and is  known for her exceptional work and experience.  

Her massage journey began as a teenager, treating her family pets; dogs, horses and even guinea pigs, with a natural feel that became intrinsic to her work with two legged clients in later years.  This “feel”, hard to articulate but always recognisable in every one of her treatments, is what has led to the development of a very individual style combining the scientific aspects of assessment and investigation, with flowing and intuitive bodywork – treating the client on several levels at once.

Rebecca works with strong flow, interspersed with moments of deeper pressure attending to restrictions and active trigger points.  Remedial Massage works by balancing the length, tone and tension of soft tissue and promotes functional joint position and mobility. Applying very specific manipulation of soft tissues; muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia – assists in restoring proper function to the body. Employing myofascial release in the work allows for deeper treatment to occur, as circulation is vastly increased as restricted fascia is addressed with the soft tissue work.  Trigger Point therapy involves deep, direct pressure on acupressure points, which instantly greatly improves blood flow, reduces nerve impingement, alleviates discomfort and improves range of movement. Rebecca employs techniques from several modalities including Swedish Relaxation, Refloxlogy for Relaxation and Deep Tissue work to each treatment. 

 Consultations include taking a detailed Health History from each client, assessing restrictions and disfunction through specific orthopedic testing and finishing with  a therapeutic massage treatment. Following the hands-on work, clients will then be presented with a detailed stretching and strengthening plan, as well as postural advice and assessment to further enhance the effectiveness of the session.

Remedial Massage has been shown to assist in the reduction of pain and disfunction in many conditions, including and not limited to:

·       Athletic injuries, muscular stress and strain. 

·       Knotted, tight or impaired muscles and lactic acid build up.

·       Decreasing in healing time after injury.

·       Shoulder pain and disfunction including “Frozen Shoulder” and rotator cuff issues.

·       Headaches, migraine and insomnia.

·       Sciatic and lower back pain.

·       Neck and shoulder pain and disfunction.

·       Plantar fasciitis, leg cramping and hip issues.

·       Acute and chronic conditions both musculoskeletal and of the soft tissues.

Rebecca is registered with the Massage and Myotherapist Association of Australia, and is able to provide Health Care rebates with provider numbers for all the major Healthcare Funds.

Rebecca will be available for treatments on Wednesdays & Thursdays at our Eumundi Clinic. 

For more information or to book a session with Rebecca please call 0421386510