Kirsten Reck - (Emotional Stress Expert)

Do your days feel long and hard? Are you consistently catching the common cold, struggling with headaches, feeling fatigued or your hormones are all over the place? You’ve stopped taking care of yourself and can’t remember the last time you felt amazing? This is where the powerful, Emotionally Happy Homes® healing systems can be of service! Kirsten is able to tap into your unconscious and subconscious and untangle the deepest patterns, programs and knots, that are creating emotional stress in yourself, with others and in your home. This is what is at the bottom of your illnesses and daily survival struggles (e.g. lack of money, stress, health issues, relationship problems, parenting struggles and career burn out)


Once you are aware of the old, conditioned, outdated patterns that have been holding you back, they can be transformed into new, empowering and uplifting beliefs. Kirsten would love to help you transform, not only your emotional stress, but your life! You are so worthy to live a life that excites you, feels amazing and that is in alignment with your precious heart!

Kirsten also offers an amazing Learning Program (drawing on her 12 years of experience as a teacher) for children/teenagers who may experience anxiety, depression, learning difficulties or behavioural issues. It is transformational!

So, let’s do this! Let’s clear your stuff! Let’s get you living the life you imagined! Let's get you to peace and fulfilment!

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