Needles are unnecessary for kids. Instead we use shonishin tools, these are a non invasive oriental medicine technique to activate the meridian system. Its gentle and effective for the child. The tools are gently stroked and tapped along the arms, chest, abdomen, legs, hands and feet. The shonishin can treat babies, and children up to 15 years old. In children the meridian system is still developing which is why the gentle stroking and tapping techniques are so effective. By using the shonishin we are strengthening, nourishing and supporting the flow of chi and blood. The treatment is usually done on the table, but at Nadjas Family Acupuncture we are very flexible and can work however best serves the child, a parents lap or even lying on the floor is ok. The treatment is very quick and can be from 5- 15 minutes. Acute colds and flus can recover quickly with just a few treatments close together, 2 or 3 times in a week. More chronic illnesses will need regular treatments, one a week over a number of months.

Other conditions treated : balance issues, frequent sprains, growing pains, teething, digestive issues, sleeping problems, hyperactivity, appetite and food issues, recurring ear infections, conjunctivitis, emotion and behavioural disorders. Diet and lifestyle advice is an imperative part of the service as it is fundamental to natural family healthcare.