From a holistic approach to healing, Chinese medicine is closely linked to the impacts of earthly cycles such as seasonality.  For example, Autumn corresponds closely to the lung meridian. The elements of Autumn tap into the vast energy of our lungs as a device to facilitate "letting go".
Therefore, it is considered a good time to take a look at any unresolved aspects of your life, so you can move forward and steep in the benefits of all of your hard work that you have put into achieving these personal goals.   

In Autumn, we could devote time to focussing on the  internal side of ourselves,  cultivating links between the mind and body, becoming open to healthy, reflective introspection, and never forgetting the value of focussing on deep, slow breathing to find our natural centre.There is need for extra attention towards keeping ourselves grounded  and to facilitate a release of the old during this season. 

Because of the tendency towards strong Autumnal winds, we naturally gravitate towards protective clothing such as scarves.  This inherent protective proclivity relates to the fact that strong, healthy lungs will assist you in getting through Autumn in a happy, healthy manner, as we prepare towards winter.   Our lungs are a robust, yet delicate organ, and reflect our bodies resilience and simultaneous vulnerability to outside perturbation.  To minimise the negative effects of the latter, we need to bolster strength in this area.


Common ailments during Autumn include dry skin, eczema, dry eyes, dry lungs, respiratory conditions associated with coughing and dryness in the digestive system leading to constipation. Because of this, in Chinese medicine treatment protocols during Autumn are associated with the large intestine and lungs, which when out of balance may manifest in skin, respiratory and digestive conditions.
Acupuncture is an excellent option to help prevent and/ or treat these seasonal ailments. The overall goal is to renew the healthy flow of Qi ( a life force energy) and restore the body’s natural balance while boosting immunity and addressing each patient's specific areas of susceptibility. If any of the above symptoms sounds familiar to you, consider giving acupuncture a try. Traditionally acupuncture is used as a preventative medicine. So don’t wait till its too late.
Remember,  the sooner any ailment is treated, the sooner they may be rectified. 

We hope you have a great Autumn season and suggest a yummy soup like this Sweet Potato Soup Recipe - here.